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Debunking The Myth Of Apple’s “Golden Ratio”

5. jun. 2013 — Every Apple computer contains a vector cut of the logo, … 7.5 and 8.5 is the difference been having a golden ratio value of 1.53 and 1.73.

Does the Apple logo really adhere to the golden ratio?

20. maj 2013 — The iCloud logo, for example, is designed with the golden ratio in mind… and it’s widely believed that the iconic Apple logo is also …

Does the Apple Logo Really Adhere To the Golden Ratio?

Quora’s David Cole Settles the Apple Logo / Golden Ratio Issue Once and For All – Core77. While I understand the appeal of the golden ratio as a rational …

I’ve been fascinated with this premise for years now, and this week I saw this popular graphic pop up yet again:

Was Apple’s Logo Really Designed Using The Golden Ratio?

Was Apple’s Logo Really Designed Using The Golden Ratio? | Cult of Mac

Apple Logo Fibonacci Golden Ratio Apple Logo Design, Ux Design, Graphic Design, Art. More like this. fibonacci618 · Fibonacci. 161 followers …

Apple is well-known for its love of the so-called golden ratio, an “extreme and mean” mathematical ratio that designers as far back as the third-century

Math behind The Apple Logo|Steve Jobs|Fibonacci Sequence

Golden ratio logo, Apple logo, Golden ratio in design

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Golden Ratio Apple Logo | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – YouTube

Fibonacci in Applied Arts in 2023 | Apple logo design, Illustrator design tutorial, Logo design creative

Jan 1, 2023 – Two ways the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers can be used to compose poetry are: 1) There can be poems about the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci numbers themselves or about geometrical shapes or phenomena that are closely related to them; and 2) The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci numbers can be utilized in constructing the form, pattern, or rhythm of a poem.

Golden ratio logo, Apple logo, Golden ratio in design – Pinterest

iCloud Logo Infused With Golden Ratio – MacRumors

Apple’s logo artists have infused the iCloud logo with some mathematical elegance. In this case, the golden ratio or φ. The circles in the…

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